The Proud yet corrupt Welsh capital - Cardiff


  • They are thief's, complete rip off merchants. Take you're money up front and do not carry out the job!!

Do not trust this shop. I was quoted £70 to remove a virus from my laptop. On collection I was told  a further £60  ' was necessary to download software  to repair corrupted hardware'. There was no proof that was actually done and I now know this is just not true. Further he wiped all the data without permission and did not reload programmes as requested. £130  to perform a system recovery!


I would have given 0 stars if possible. I have read some of the reviews below and experienced the exact same problem.

I took my Sony Z4 to the owner of this shop who quoted me £120 for a screen repair which I paid in advance and was told 3 - 10 working days. 10 days came and went and I continually had to chase the owner to speak to, which was incredibly difficult. After 3 full weeks I finally managed to get him on the phone and was told it would be an extra £75.00 for an additional part. 

It took 5 weeks of trying to get hold of him every day I finally got my phone back. The screen was not attached properly and neither was the back case. Light was shining through the sides and additional they had placed some clump of metal over the ear piece, affecting the sound of the phone. 

Within 1 hour, a crack re-appeared from the left corner of the screen and propagated over the following hours to completely cover the screen, making it completely useless. Furthermore, the bottom left corner of the screen cracked off completely within 24 hours. When I took this back to the shop, I was accused of dropping the phone causing it to crack and told I wouldn't receive a refund and would get a call back the next day to see if the 12 month warranty would cover it. He never called back so I took it to someone else, who repaired the screen and the additional problems caused by this man within 24 hours.

This shop is a complete scam. Worst customer service I've ever experienced, worst quality of repair (it was more broken when I got it back than when I took it in) and the owner clearly shows no remorse at all in ripping people off from their hard earned money. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

  • COMPLETE SCAM ARTIST. Sean said replacement screen was £50, Which I Paid. However When collecting he said it cost £90 due to him needing to replace something inside which he made up ( I later checked online) He held my phone hostage and forced me to pay extra £40, because "the work was already done"

Furthermore, he said it was original apple screen. IT IS NOT It is a fake, I know this because it broke within days and i took it to apple who confirmed. 


ps you can even notice the fake reviews below

  • This shop must be shut down. The worst service I have ever had in my life. Don't be deceived by the shop owner whatever he tells you. I paid 90 pound upfront to repair the screen of the Galaxy s4 mini. The shop owner is a big dishonest; he didn't fulfill his promises. He said he will call me but he didn't, he didn't even answer the phone, he kept me popping up back and forth many times. He told me he will repair the phone within 3 days but it took more than 3 weeks. When I come to collect it, he said the delay is from the technician and i will deliver it to your door. He turned up but I couldn't believe that this is my phone, I was shocked, he changed all my original ones with fake damaged parts and on top of that the touch screen is not working also my phone has been changed with damaged frame. It is really the worst service. I will go further to take him to court.
  • absolutely dreadful service 3-10 days its been 21 and still my phone doesnt work, sean is a conman and a crook
  • Omg people, If you value your devices, then please avoid this place at all cost! The infamous 'Sean' (not sure that's his real name) is still up to his old tricks of conning people out of their money and constantly lying to cover the fact that they don't actually  have a technician to fix anything!! I'm sure trading standards must be inundated with complaints about this individual, and today they shall hear about him once again.

Truly shocking

  • Went in store today to look at their selection of phone cases, needless to say it was very poor. Following this "Sean," the shop worker, proceeded to apply a screen protector to my phone. I DID NOT want or ask for this product. When I asked him to remove it he demanded that I paid for it, failing this he then refused to give me my phone. I felt like I was being held hostage, the situation was only rectified when I demanded the use of a phone so that I could call the police. "Sean" then screamed at me to leave the shop and never return whilst shaking with rage.
  • Accessory World,Mackintosh place Cardiff is the worst shop I have ever dealt with. My daughter smashed the screen of her iphone 5c she took it to this shop and paid £120 upfront, she was told it may be ready that day but could take a couple of days. 

They then said there are further faults which will cost another £70 we agreed for them to sort this problem however I was dubious this was true.
Over 5 weeks later we are still trying to get her phone back,they give a myriad of excuses and have had us going back and forth the shop on several occasions on the promise its ready, only to turn up and be told the technician hasn't dropped it off. They then offer to drop it to the house and have failed to turn up TWICE so far. I am at a loss of what we can do next we still haven't got her phone back, and we are still paying a contract she is unable to use.
I have just found several reviews just like my own on line I only wish I had seen these sooner.

  • I am appalled by this shop. My daughter took her iPod in for repair and was asked for £25.00 up front, which she naively paid. The problem wasn't solved after the shop allegedly changed a battery. She was then advised she needed a new screen and was asked for a further £25.00, which again stupidly she paid up front. On hearing about this, I visited the shop with her on three occasions to be repeatedly lied to about how the problem would be resolved.

I fail to see how this man 'Sean' remains in business, as when I visited the shop there was a customer in front of me experiencing almost an identical case only with a different type of device (an iPhone) and the young girl had gone in with her father. 

I visited this site and looked at other reviews to see a trail of identical stories. Is this shop capable of repairing anything? I will now contact trading standards and also look into whether there is anything criminal in what this man is doing. Certainly at face value there seems to be some serious allegations by other customers to warrant further investigation and action against this business.

  • The service was horrendous, the man was nice enough at the beginning and made me pay in advance for a printer repair. Following the first interaction were only lies: do not believe when he tells you he'll call, he told me that several times and it never happen. I had to wait THREE WEEKS instead of the promised day. The printer was not working in the end, he didn't want to give me the money back. This is the WORST service I've ever seen. Avoid like plague.


  • This shop needs to be closed down and the owner banged up in jail for fraud.

How Trading Standards have not cottoned on to their extortion is beyond me.
The repugnant owner of this shop sold a faulty item and refused a refund. I was given the following reasons for this;
1) our supplier will not take back faulty goods
2) It's in our company policy
No where in any literature i can find, including their scatty hand written receipt does it says 'we do not accept refunds'  i stated to the so called owner that under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 he has no other choice than to refund the faulty item.
This man is in serious need of an education, mainly in manners  and a bath wouldn't hurt.
DO NOT USE THIS SHOP under any circumstances.
Even as i waited in line to attempt a refund he was conning an elderly lady and robbed her of £45  he had taken her phone out of her hands and said we have started the repair now there is nothing we can do.
Needless to say i have registered an official complaint with the Trading Standards who shall pay him a visit in due course.

  • Clearly this store is still up to its usual tricks. Today (18/05/2013), I went to Accessory World in the hope of collecting my phone which I paid 35.00 up front to repair. The repair has not been made, instead I am told a new component is needed, costing another 35.00. I know this is absolute rubbish, the manager is a compulsive liar and I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. He now has my phone and initial money so I too have had to resort to trading standards. When are they going to get closed down is what I would like to know! DO NOT SHOP HERE


  • We took my sons Ipod to this store in order for it to be repaired. It is still 6 months down the line and my husband has travelled to the store more than 10 times in order to be told a different excuse, which are obviously all lies. Last week we were told the IPOD had been replaced and to go back the following day to collect it at 10am. Today is that day!!! My husband has travelled 12 miles again to the store and guess what, the shop isn't even opened and no-one has answered the telephone! 

This is ridiculous. I am contacting the Ferret today and I do feel extremley sorry for every person who has had dealings with this company. I will advise of the outcome when it has been sorted! 

  • This Shop Really Needs to be closed down!! Dave the manager is a total liar and con artist how are they getting away with conning people,I too wish I read all these Reviews.6 months ago I purchased a iphone 4 he said he unlocked it so i waited a few days for it to activate nothing happened I went back to the store he said wait a few more days, I phoned up the provider and to my horror the iphone 4 was a stolen phone and had been blacklisted by it's previous owner!! I have phoned the store also went to the store several times he told me he did not know the phone was stolen and he's not able to give me my £320 back as he has no money. I contacted trading standards and I can either go to court but then i am not guaranteed to get my money back and the phone will be confiscated so now i am just stuck with no phone and a loss of money, has anyone been to court yet if so was it a positive outcome?
  • The worst place for anything. Everything is over priced, and i still dont have my phone unlocked. i have been waiting for almost 6 weeks when promised it would be dont in 7 days! Im serious when i say DO NOT TAKE ANYHTING HERE. and DO NOT BUY FROM HERE!


  • I took an iPod to them for repair on 2/8/2012  I've been in to the shop 4 times and there is always an excuse the iPod is never available. I try ringing them regularly but their phone is always engaged.

On my experience (over the last three months) avoid them like the plague.
There are other businesses nearby offering the same service  I wish I'd gone to one of them.

These people will scam you. Do not visit this shop!!!

  • How this shop has not been closed down by trading standards, I will never know.

The manager, 'Sean' was so incredibly rude to me that it left me feeling extremely upset. I agreed a price up front to repair the screen on my new phone. They went ahead to repair work that I hadn't agreed to on the basis that there was water damage. The phone is a couple of weeks old and has been no where near water or exposed to any form of condensation. Even if it had, they should have contacted me to agree completion of this work in advance of doing it. They are liars and will try to con you into believing that there are faults that simply do not exist. My advice to anyone reading this is not to risk having the horrible experience that I've had with this dodgy and deceitful business.

  • this place is Shocking never going there again, i was waiting 6 months for iphone to be fixed and he finaly gave it back after a lot of arguements and confusion over the phone. I told him i'll get the police involved and he finaly gave it back and he still didnt want to refund my £50 i pay him which he claimed he spent more on my phone when he never it wasnt even fixed or nothing!!!!!! The guy is a joke!!!